Glenn Campbell Pod silver gilded necklace

Glenn studied at Manchester Metropolitan University, gaining an honours degree in Three Dimensional Design in 1995. During this time he was awarded a Goldsmiths' Precious Metal Bursary for design, and 2nd place in the Goldsmiths' Young Silversmith of the Year Award.

In 1996, his determination to expand upon his knowledge and skill led him to work alongside numerous accomplished blacksmiths around England. He gained experience in forging techniques and related metalworking, which he demonstrated at the Globe Theatre in London and the Bristol International Festival of the Sea.

Glenn's Pod collection perfectly demonstrates his characteristic style and technique. The successive blows used to forge the metal leave a distinctive texture on the surface, both as a design element and record of the creative process.

Glenn has exhibited at the Birmingham Symphony Hall, Goldsmiths' Fair, and International Jewellery Hong Kong. He is based in Birmingham and showcases his work through selected shops and galleries in the UK.