I designed this ring for an oval stone, but I can it working with a more traditional, round facetted stone, to echo those in the scrolls underneath.

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Meadow platinum ring with buff top tourmaline and diamonds

A design that sits low to the finger yet retains the characteristic fluidity and diamond detailing of the Meadow series of rings

Though it has almost a classical feel, this ring goes against convention in many ways; it is set with a ‘Buff Top’ cut oval stone, that is orientated across the finger rather than down.

This unusual style of cut has a gently rounded surface that accentuates the soft curves of the design, and a bellied, facetted underneath that gives additional brightness and life to the stone when viewed from above.

The tourmaline sits snugly in the setting, filling it completely, so the rich colour is visible through the sides and from all angles.

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