Shop re-opening soon...

Posted by Jon - 29 May 2020


We are looking forward to re-opening the shop, by appointment only, on Tuesday the 16th June. Please get in touch, via email, if you would like to visit and discuss a new project or have a browse through Jon's current pieces.

We will, of course, be following relevant government guidelines for safe opening. Appointments will allow us to control numbers in the shop, allowing for sensible distancing, and along with regular cleaning and the judicious wearing of masks, this should keep everyone safe.

And please remember, all this can still be done at any time, from the comfort of your home, via zoom or skype, if you prefer.

We don't sell online as the majority of our pieces are very individual, but your piece can be paid for over the phone, or by bank transfer. We would then box and package it with all due precautions, and post it securely to you. We will offer refunds or exchanges if the decision proves to be not quite right. Please email if you would like to discuss this further. 

We've already been working on some new commissions, and it's still a good time to talk to us if you're thinking of a future occasion or gift, and would like to progress ideas remotely, using sketches, video and CAD images. Please email or contact us via the social media links below.

Please do keep in touch on social media - follow, like, comment and share, or continue doing so. We really appreciate your support!


Many thanks, Jon.

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