The curse of the matching pairs!

Posted by Jon - 17 May 2016

Have I ranted about finding matching pairs of diamonds before? Well, anyway, I'm going to again, so please feel free to scroll on if it's too much!

We spend so much time trying to match great pairs of stones, and sets too - for three stone rings, earrings and eternity rings, designs and bespoke commissions alike. (Although small round diamonds are a lot easier now that we have found a new and quite frankly amazing supply, but more of that another time!)

Fancy shapes (basically any shape/cut that isn't round) and coloured stones cost me (and often Hannah!) huge headaches, and a considerable amount of time. But we have to do it. We are cursed or blessed (whichever way you look at it!) with a fierce perfectionism. It's just not in our DNA to run with pairs that aren't as exact as they can be.

I guess there is always so much to get right. As well as physical size, we have the cut or 'make' - basically how the facets are performing, which also means the size of the table (the big flat facet at the top of the stone), but which also encompasses the all important sparkle factor - do the stones have the same 'life'? We then have overall shape or proprotions, and not to forget the fundamental question of colour - applicable to the subtle colour grades of diamonds, or the very obvious shade, tone and hue of coloured stones!

Many a time, during the slog of sending another batch of stones back, without any pairs gained, you feel extremely demoralised, but it's all worth it when you get the perfect match, and you see the piece leave the workshop and enter the shop looking fantastic. That is the best feeling!'

Sorry, rant over, feel better already,

Thanks for reading!


PS - The pair in this photo are stuck on with blu-tak if you were thinking that I hadn't done a very good job!

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