Spring Update from the Jon Dibben Workshop

Posted by Jon - 31 March 2017

We have to confess to being better at sharing what we've been up to via our social media than on the blog. We're working hard on the new website, where we will endeavour to get better at sharing. But, in the meantime, if anyone wants to join in, our social media links are at the bottom of this blog.

Now that we're seeing some gentle spring sunshine, we thought this yellow diamond would be a great place to start:

Fancy yellow diamond in an oval platinum Kiss ring

Jon's been working a lot with yellow diamonds, which we are sourcing direct from a De Beers Sightholder, who cuts and polishes them. This source offers unrivalled traceability, and guarantees the African origin - either South Africa, or Botswana or Namibia, supporting the fast-growing economies of these latter two countries.

2ct Fancy yellow, cushion cut diamond.

Another impressive piece was this fantastic pear-shaped tourmaline, set in Fairtrade white gold. A customer fell in love with this stone when Jon was generally showing off 'the box'. Luckily, she also fell in love with the design he had stored away in his head. The rest, as they say, is history, but Jon, and more importantly the customer, were very pleased with the results.

The ring on the hand!

Here at Jon Dibben, we've always been great fans of step cuts - Jon has used Asscher, baguette and carre cuts for a long time now. He has always loved the clean lines and understated Art Deco elegance.

A taster of some exceptional pieces would have to start with these fantastic baguette earrings. Designed by Jon to match an impressive ring that a customer already owned, it had to match, but not in that 'matching too closely' way that we used to see - with 'sets' of jewellery that repeated motifs over earrings, necklace and rings. These needed to be their own piece, but echo the ring, which is set with Emerald cuts.

Carre cuts, which are square baguettes if you like, always work well in eternity rings, and these two rings looked amazing. Both were made to celebrate many shared years together for two different couples, and in a heartwarming and satisfying way, both represented the completion of a whole finger of Jon Dibben rings! Hooray and thanks for the loyalty everyone!

Finally, for step cuts, we have this lovely diamond Kite pendant - one of a pair that Jon bought some time ago. The other has gone to a lovely, loyal and firm Jon Dibben fan, and this one is now in the shop. It's set in platinum and weighs about 70 points.

Three-stone rings have always been a bit of a thing for Jon, and we've made some great pieces this year. Amongst the highlights are these two.

The first is this incredibly well cut 2ct cushion cut diamond, with smaller oval diamonds on either side, set in Jon's signature claw set three stone design.

The other is this 'popping' marquise pink sapphire with rub over settings.

We have to end on this last token of love! An amazing pear shaped sapphire that Jon bought from the private collection of one of our stone dealers. Jon basically begged him to sell it, and after some persuasion, and other purchases, our stone friend relented. Jon had it saved in his special box for some time (no surprise there, he's such a Magpie) unsure what to do with it, until we were approached by another lovely and loyal customer just before Christmas. It just seemed to fit the bill so perfectly, Jon was really happy to let it go!

Stress levels were already running high, because we needed to get the pendant made, and out to California, by New Year's Eve. There were a few sleepless nights all round, especially while the piece was in transit over Christmas, but all ended well. The customers loved it, and we ticked off another piece that we were very proud of!

Thanks for reading all!

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