Say 'I do' with Fairtrade gold...

Posted by Jon - 02 April 2015

This year, we're proud to be supporting the Fairtrade Foundation's 'I Do' campaign. The aim behind it is to encourage as many couples as possible to choose Fairtrade metal for their wedding and engagement rings. For such a momentous purchase, we believe the knowledge that it's also an ethical purchase - helping to improve the lives of miners and their families, as well as being kinder to the environment - can only improve the feel-good factor for anyone's special day - and beyond.

To mark our 25th anniversary, as well as our involvement with 'I Do', Jon is set to reveal two new wedding and engagement ring collections this autumn: his 'Winter' Meadow designs, and a classic band with men in mind. All pieces will provide the traceability and peace of mind associated with Fairtrade.

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