Revealing the Winter Meadow ring

Posted by Jon - 23 October 2015

Jon is already known for his organically inspired designs and a love of stunning gemstones. His original Meadow designs weren't intended specifically as engagement rings, but more and more people began choosing them, and so the Meadow Engagement ring is now a Jon Dibben signature.

The Winter Meadow epitomises the understated elegance of Jon's work, with his trademark flowing shapes pared back, to emphasise the bare beauty of a fine stone. It's for those who like the classic simplicity of a claw set ring, but with an individual twist.

The central ring of his new collection has been made using the last of our Fairtrade Eco platinum (which is now unavailable), and features a 1.64ct responsibly sourced African diamond, so it really can be called a star piece.

To mark our 25th anniversary, Jon is set to reveal two new wedding and engagement ring collections this autumn: his 'Winter' Meadow designs, and a classic band with men in mind. All pieces will provide the traceability and peace of mind associated with Fairtrade.

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