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Posted by Jon - 16 May 2018

Its my turn to write a blog post, so I thought I would share what I spend majority of my work life doing and thats CAD! Which stands for Computer Aided Design. 

If you've had a bespoke piece of jewellery designed, then chances are I would have produced the renders that you saw.

Renders are the computer generated images that I create to give the customer an idea of what their piece of jewellery will look like before its created in metal. The program I use means that people can see the ring from every angle. Once the customer is happy with the render and it has been signed off then the actual makeing can begin.

Its a common misconception that if something is created on the computer then it must have been quick to make, the truth is I spend hours and hours and then some more hours working on some of Jon's more complicated designs.The Meadow ring is a particular challenge. Jon's designs tend to be very organic, which from my point of view is a bit of a pain because to create flowy lines on the computer takes a lot of effort (and major amounts of tweaking and re-drawing until Jon is happy). 

I genuinely enjoy CAD, especially if I've got my headphones on, some rock music blaring and a coffee in front of me. I love being able to give customers an idea of how their jewellery will look from all the different angles (and I get to show off a bit).

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