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Part 1 - New Meadow ring design

Posted by Jon - 28 June 2016

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Jane's ring and the 'remodelling' journey - Part 1

Posted by Jon - 24 June 2016

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What is White gold, and what the hell is rhodium plating?

Posted by Jon - 17 June 2016

Gold is yellow right?

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Congratulations to Alison and Tim!

Posted by Jon - 16 June 2016

Another culmination of effort and search, patience and joy came together in the shop this last Saturday. I'll start at the beginning!

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In the Loupe - films from the workshop - Fairtrade red 18ct gold winter meadow ring

Posted by Vicki Hodge - 08 June 2016

Chris here with the latest In the Loupe film.  This morning I'm back on the Fairtrade red 18ct gold winter meadow ring. I've pushed the claws over the green sapphire, and the video shows a little bit of the process of cutting back and shaping the claws. I made the first cuts with a piercing saw, then a three-square needle file, and the video shows me using a fine abrasive paper disk on my pendant motor, then shaving back the scruffy edge with a spit-stick scorper. I'm aiming for a balance between visual lightness and physical longevity, so as the claw comes over the girdle of the stone, I try to slim the width, but keep height, with a sort of softened triangular profile to each claw, and also try to make them all look the same as each other... ttfn Chris 

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