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Talking Spring meadow rings...err in the summer...

Posted by Jon - 22 July 2016

I seem to be regularly telling people the hows and whys of the Spring Meadow design, and you know what, I'm going to tell you now...

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Life and death, highs and the lows in nature

Posted by Jon - 19 July 2016

I KNOW, I should be blogging about jewellery; the inspiration and the new designs busting out of my mind, that's why you are here, that's what you signed up for. However I can't resist telling you about my week in nature, well walking the dog actually. If it's any consolation, it's my thinking time, the space in my life where my own ideas and thoughts can emerge and grow like the abundant greenery that surrounds me. Right, moving on before I get sucked in to some flowery poetic vortex.

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End set Ruby ring - how's that done then?

Posted by Jon - 05 July 2016

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Jane's ring - Part 2 - the designer, the CAD star and the craftsman

Posted by Jon - 01 July 2016

OK, so I talked in the first post about how the initial process of Jane's ring went, the intial meeting and the design process. If you missed that first blog, you can find it here!

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Part 1 - New Meadow ring design

Posted by Jon - 28 June 2016

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Jane's ring and the 'remodelling' journey

Posted by Jon - 24 June 2016

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What is White gold, and what the hell is rhodium plating?

Posted by Jon - 17 June 2016

Gold is yellow right?

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Congratulations to Alison and Tim!

Posted by Jon - 16 June 2016

Another culmination of effort and search, patience and joy came together in the shop this last Saturday. I'll start at the beginning!

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Last Day of May

Posted by Vicki Hodge - 31 May 2016

So, it's the last day of May and all the bank holiday rain was saved up and is falling today! At least we had a decent 3 day weekend for a change.

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I deserve an upgrade - or maybe my rings remodelled...

Posted by Jon - 27 May 2016

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