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A CAD Life

Posted by Jon - 16 May 2018

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Easter Opening Hours

Posted by Jon - 29 March 2018

Easter Opening Hours

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MACDESA: A Fairtrade Success Story

Posted by Jon - 03 March 2018

Fairtrade’ is a term and brand we are all very familiar with here in the UK.  It started with bananas and swiftly grew to include more products that we regularly put in our shopping baskets including tea, coffee and chocolate. Fairtrade gold has been going from strength to strength since the first shipment of South American gold in 2011, through to 2017 when the first African Fairtrade gold came to the UK from Uganda. 

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The Power of Fairtrade

Posted by Jon - 27 February 2018

Why Do We Need Fairtrade?

90% of the global gold labour force are small-scale miners, characterised by high levels of poverty, exploitation and a lack of basic human rights. Poor and vulnerable men, women and children work in hazardous conditions with little or no health and safety measurements. The unskilled and often ignorant use of toxic chemicals poses severe risks to the miners, their communities and the environment. Small-scale miners rarely receive a fair price for their product.

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Win a Hamper Full of Fairtrade Goodies

Posted by Jon - 21 February 2018

As you know, we are proud supporters of the Fairtrade Foundation. When we decided to run a competition and give away some Fairtrade products, we reached out to our fellow Fairtraders and they responded magnificently.  Just look at these four hampers - ready for you to win!


We were originally slightly overwhelmed with the generosity shown, but then again, we shouldn’t really be surprised.  After all, to be licensed to use the Fairtrade logo means that we have all made a commitment to the well-being of others. 

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Memorable Moments

Posted by Jon - 03 January 2018

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Visiting us this Christmas

Posted by Jon - 12 December 2017

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The making of a channel set Eternity ring

Posted by Jon - 27 November 2017

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Tanzanite for December

Posted by Hannah - 01 November 2017

December has three stones (just spoilt!) - zircon, turquoise and our favourite, tanzanite!

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Fair Luxury

Posted by Tessa Marshall - 14 September 2017

Fair Luxury Exhibition – Ethical Luxury is Here to Stay

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