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Jon Dibben

We are an independent shop and workshop, specialising in the handcrafting of Jon's original fine jewellery designs, and making to commission. Jon works with a small team who are committed to creating each design in very limited numbers, with painstaking attention to detail and faultless finishing. 

The company


Though Jon Dibben, as a company, began at Smithbrook Kilns in 1990, the seeds for its foundation were sown far earlier, on a beach on the Greek island of Naxos.

At the culmination of his teenage travels around Europe, Jon lived there, in a hut, for two years. With such a minimal existence, it may be unsurprising that a natural talent for creative design found its outlet in the making of simple jewellery from shells and beads. The experience encouraged his value for the natural world around him, as well as an instinct to be as thoughtful and precise as the luxuries of time and patience allowed. This philosophy formed the basis of Jon's inspiration and career, which crystallised on his return to the UK, with refinement of his skills and materials, and increasing demand for his work.

Jon Dibben was one of the first twenty designers licenced to make jewellery using the world's first certified Fairtrade & Fairmined gold and platinum. Jon's debut FTFM design was recognised by the British Jewellers' Association as a landmark piece of the past 125 years within the industry, and was selected for their Anniversary Exhibition, representing 2011- the year Fairtrade & Fairmined gold was launched and the ring was designed and made.

Jon Dibben has been peer voted as an 'Inspiring Independent' by the trade's 'Retail Jeweller' magazine for two consecutive years, and by 'Professional Jeweller' magazine as a 'Trend Setter' in their 'Hot 100'.

Jon's designs are now exclusively available from Jon Dibben at Smithbrook Kilns, exhibitions or by appointment in central London.


Watch our video diary by local film maker and friend of Jon, Mark Hammett.

For news and details of current events/exhibitions and new designs please see our Blog.

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One of the best things about designing and making jewellery is that we become involved in the most meaningful times in people's lives. Our customers trust us with these special, significant purchases, and our commitment is to give our utmost in return. The designing and making of our jewellery is as important to us as your future heirloom is to you.

The people


Jon Dibben

From septicaemia in the desert to becoming a caveman for a history information film, Jon’s post-education travels around the Middle East and Europe were both enlightening and inspiring. In combination with the strength of his natural talent and enthusiasm, they ensured that his path into the world of jewellery design was as unconventional as it was inevitable.

A self-confessed obsessive perfectionist, Jon's main source of inspiration is nature's ideal blend of beauty and function. His acknowledged aptitude for proportion and harmony gives his jewellery a classic, sculptural and ultimately wearable quality, and enables him to turn his skill to other areas of design, including his shop interiors and a clear vision for his publicity.

He finds solace and stimulation in the practice of Shintaido- a Japanese movement system, and in the countryside around his home in West Sussex, where he spends time exploring with his wife and three children.

Paul Dibben

Paul is Jon’s brother and partner in the company. They shared much of their early travels, which stimulated his own interest in jewellery, as well as in Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean cooking. Back in the UK, his meandering route to his destined position included working as a chef, Victorian sash window restorer, furniture importer’s assistant and anaesthetist’s technician.

Coming from a close family, Paul gave Jon support and encouragement from the beginning of his venture and finally joined him on a full-time and permanent basis. He brings his cultural interests and multi-tasking skills to the day-to-day running of the workshop and shop, and has built on his fundamental role as a self-effacing and approachable anchor man.

Chris Newbery

Chris says his career move was the result of an early mid-life crisis at the age of 23. He had joined IBM with a business degree but, listening to the inner child who loved taking the back off things and making contraptions, retrained to follow a more creatively satisfying path.

After an HND and City & Guilds at Sir John Cass, and two years at a designer’s workshop in Chelsea, he came to Jon Dibben in 2001, and now puts his talent for discipline and precision into the meticulous crafting of Jon’s designs. He’s outgoing and articulate too, and enjoys contact with our customers, usually being the first to show them around the workshop and offer insights into how the jewellery is made.

Hannah Blackwood

Hannah is the newest, and by far the youngest, addition to our team. Having attended the same school as Jon (George Abbot, Guildford), and having spent various periods of work experience with us, she has finally settled here. She is now fresh from the University of Creative Arts, Rochester, graduating with a first class BA honours degree in Silversmithing, Goldsmithing and Jewellery. A fitting level of perfectionism is obvious in all her work; with her impressive draftsmanship and creative ideas showing inspiration derived from fantasy, insects and a fascination with clocks. She has an explorative mind, expressed in a liking for travelling and meeting new people.

Our jewellery

All of Jon's designs are hand made at our workshop alongside our shop. His signature style of classic designs with a contemporary twist, crafted with an obsessive eye for perfection, produces timeless pieces, made to last beyond a lifetime, as modern day heirlooms.

Designing and making


Coming soon - an insight into Jon's design process and the hand making of our jewellery.

In the meantime, please contact us if you have any questions, or visit us to be inspired.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Raw materials


Jon’s designs are predominantly made in platinum or 18ct gold. We are licensed to work with Fairtrade gold, and we can also advise on recycling your own gold or platinum.


Platinum is rare, pure, naturally white and inherently hard wearing, which means the carefully polished finish lasts longer, although it takes more time at the workbench to get that perfect finish.

Jon’s rings have a generous weight, which makes the ring last longer, helps keep the integrity of the form when being resized, and means the ring can be refinished many times without weakening it.  Because of this weight, and because platinum is even denser than gold, Jon’s platinum designs have a satisfying feel in the hand.


18 carat gold is 75% pure gold, alloyed with 25% other metals, which enables the gold to be workable, and also means different colours of gold can be produced.  Our most popular colour is white gold, which is actually a slightly grey-white colour.  Our 18 carat white gold has a high palladium content, making it naturally whiter than cheaper alloys.

Rhodium Plating

The majority of jewellers plate their white gold with a very thin layer of rhodium to make it appear the same colour as platinum, but Jon’s white gold pieces are un-plated.  Our decision not to rhodium plate is partly to allow us to use the colour of white gold as a choice in our palette, and also for the practical reason that the plating wears off in a relatively short time. We can, however, rhodium plate any white gold design, if you would like it to match existing plated pieces.

Ethical Gold 

We’re also very pleased to be able to offer Fairtrade gold, alongside gold from recycled sources. 

Gold certified to Fairtrade standards provides small scale miners and their communities in developing countries the opportunity for better living and working conditions. Certified Fairtrade gold is mined under stringent ecological restoration practices, and without the use of chemicals. You can find out more in our Ethics and Fairtrade section below.

Please Contact Us if you would like to commission a piece in these precious ethical metals.

Recycled Gold

Another ethical alternative is to use recycled old gold, which reduces the human and environmental costs of conventional, newly mined gold.

The recycled gold we use comes from a refinery which sources old industrial and post-consumer gold, including jewellery and giftware. It is refined back to pure gold, before being alloyed to 18 carat standard. Our refiner is independently audited and certified through the whole process, guaranteeing that the gold is 100% recycled.

After being refined, recycled gold is just as pure as newly mined gold, so there’s no difference in quality or appearance.

Recycling Your Own Old Gold & Platinum

Many people have old or inherited jewellery at home that is meaningful but not a style they would wear.

Recycling pieces like this into a new design is a great way to turn them into something to enjoy, while retaining the sentiment attached to their history.  It can also be a cheaper and more environmentally friendly alternative to newly mined gold.

Some old pieces aren’t suitable for melting in the workshop, but we can still use the value of the gold or platinum content for refining to offset the cost of a brand new piece.

We’re always happy to answer any questions you might have about the options available, either in person at the workshop, or by phone or e-mail. See our Contact Us page.

Ethics and Fairtrade


Coming soon - details of Jon Dibben's commitment to ethics and Fairtrade, which has led to us being one of only fifty workshops, worldwide, licensed to make jewellery from certified Fairtrade gold.

In the meantime, here is some basic information:

All of our gemstones are natural, and are individually and personally selected by Jon. Our diamonds are conflict free and, where practical, are independently certified. We have long and trusted relationships with our stone suppliers, and are increasingly asking them for traceable, ethically sourced stones. There are already certain stones we can offer that are traceable back to the country, or even mine, of origin and with a full ethical background. We hope soon to be able to offer the same for all others. 

In addition, we are one of only two designers in the south of England to be licensed to make and sell designs using Fairtrade gold. This means we can help to improve working conditions and trading standards for small-scale artisans – a little like ourselves – around the world

You can read about the ethical metals we use on our raw materials section above and see some of our designs made from Fairtrade gold on our Fair Trade page.

For more information about Fairtrade & Fairmined gold and platinum visit the website of the Fairtrade Foundation

Let us help

We hope that our website has whetted your appetite to visit us, to see more of Jon's designs, discuss questions you may have or simply to enjoy a leisurely browse. If you are unable to visit, then just call or email us. We look forward to helping you!


Visiting us


Opening Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 10am-4pm

We are open by appointment only, during the hours above. However please contact us if you want to visit outside our normal hours, or to discuss a London appointment, and we will do our best to help. 

Jon's designs constantly evolve, with unique pieces being made throughout the year. We encourage anyone interested in our work to come and see it for themselves, in order to fully appreciate the design and craftsmanship involved. We would be happy to give you our time and more information about any pieces you would like to view. We look forward to welcoming you.

Smithbrook Kilns is a converted brick kilns in the Surrey Hills- an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty- located just seven miles south of Guildford, on the A281 Horsham Road. It has free parking and is on a direct bus route from Guildford, where there is also a main line train station. 

There are two jewellery shops at Smithbrook Kilns, although ours is quite distinctive, with green walls and pierced copper sheeting at the back of our windows. You can find us in the heart of the Kilns, next to Bricks restaurant. On leaving the car park, walk down the right hand side of the main building, past Surrey Estates and Beyond Mountain Bikes. Just over half way down, turn left between the buildings and Jon Dibben is on your right, under a covered walk-way.

Please view this map to find Smithbrook Kilns or contact us if you need more detailed directions. 

Insuring your piece


If your new Jon Dibben piece has a value in excess of your insurance 'single item limit', we can supply a complimentary certificate showing the replacement value. This document shows proof of ownership, as well as the replacement value of the design for insurance purposes. We can provide udated documents based on current metal, labour and stone prices from £45.

We strongly recommend contacting us annually to avoid being undervalued and experiencing an unsuccessful claim if the jewellery is accidentally damaged, lost or stolen. Even if your pieces have not increased in value, your insurance might stipulate that you provide valuations dated within a particular time period. Our advice is to read the smallprint carefully, and talk to your insurance company about anything that you are not sure about. Jon has written a blog post on 'Being Properly Insured' and how to avoid some of the pifalls of Insurance.

Please contact us if you have any questions or if you need to update any of your certificates.

We are sorry, but we only offer this service for jewellery purchased from us.

Our Privacy Policy


We respect your privacy and do all we can to protect it, and we’d like to let you know how we keep and use information about our customers.

We’ll only ask for information that we need, in order to help you. If you sign up for our mailing list, we’ll keep only your name and email address, and you’ll receive occasional email updates, with news about designs and events. With each mail out, you have the opportunity to unsubscribe, or you can contact us at any time if you would like to have your details updated. We never have and never will share your information with third parties.

For all our customers who have bought or commissioned pieces from us in the past, we store records of those purchases so that we can help you in the future. These can be really useful for reference – for insurance purposes, for checking ring sizes, or for anyone wanting to buy or commission a secret gift! This information is stored securely and confidentially, and is updated whenever you come back to us.

If you know or think we have previous records for you, and would like to enquire about them, or update any details – or, equally, if you would like us to stop storing your information, please contact us.